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Embracing America On A Hog And A Hack Without Reservations

RRP $16.30

If adventure came knocking, would you have the courage to open the door? That was the question Susie had to answer. She was very comfortably established in her hometown routine, semiretired and serene. So it was with some misgivings that she agreed to take a tour around the perimeter of the United States with her husband, Bob. The conveyance? His new dream machine, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with a sidecar added just for her. With no former riding experience and no little anxiety, she goes along for the ride. She learns a bit about the country, its people, and some very important things about herself. Come along for a virtual ride! But don't get too comfortable, because one day, it might be your door that adventure finds.

A Motorcycle Courier In The Great War

RRP $39.95

"The right flank of the 13th has been badly turned. Most of our officers have been killed. Some companies of the K.O.S.B. are endeavouring to cover our retreat."Despatch, Battle of MonsW.H.L. Watson was a British Army, motorcycle despatch rider in World War I. He saw active service during the key battles of 1914 and early 1915. Watson and his colleagues formed part of the Royal Engineers Signal Service and these riders were originally volunteers, some of whom supplied their own machines. This amazing account details the experiences of these brave young men and provides a unique primary source account of life at the sharp end during the titanic struggles fought out in Northern France and Belgium. Richly illustrated with contemporary photographs and maps, this evocative description of the actions of the British Expeditionary Force is a key source and is essential reading for anyone interested in the history of the Great War. Highly detailed, but nonetheless accessible this superb volume is greatly recommended for serious enthusiasts and casual readers alike. Eye witness accounts of these early clashes are comparatively rare and Watson's wonderfully personal account provides a rare insight from an unusual perspective.

Tracing T. S. Eliot's Spirit

RRP $12.99

T. S. Eliot's lifelong quest for a world of the spirit is the theme of this book by leading Eliot scholar A. David Moody. The first four essays in the collection map Eliot's spiritual geography: the American taproot of his poetry, his profound engagement with the philosophy and religion of India, his near and yet detached relations with England, and his problematic cultivation of a European mind. At the centre of the collection is a study of the Latin poem Pervigilium Veneris, a fragment of which figures enigmatically in the concluding lines of The Waste Land. The third part of the collection is a set of five investigations of Eliot's poems, dealing particularly with The Waste Land, Ash Wednesday and Four Quartets, and attending to how they express and shape what he called 'the deeper, unnamed feelings which form the substratum of our being'.


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